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Benchtop Conductivity Meter with ATC – HI2315

424.00  + PVM

The HI2315 is a durable benchtop meter that measures conductivity in four different ranges. 

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The HI2315 is a durable benchtop meter that measures conductivity in four different ranges. The meter utilizes a four-ring potentiometric conductivity probe with platinum sensors to offer versatility over typical amperometric designs. By utilizing the four-ring probe, it is possible to measure very low or very high conductivity levels without having to change probes. The HI2315 also offers automatic temperature compensation and an adjustable temperature coefficient (β).


Four EC Measurement Ranges


Automatic Temperature Compensation

Solution Holders

Built-in Solution Holders


The HI2315 is a basic and affordable conductivity benchtop meter that comes with a four-ring potentiometric EC probe with a built-in temperature sensor. Operation of the meter is simplified to calibration, range selection, and adjustment of the temperature compensation coefficient.

EC calibration is made simple through the easy-to-operate front panel knobs for adjustment. A front knob is also provided to manually set the temperature compensation coefficient of EC from 0 to 2.5 %/°C.

Features at-a-glance

Simple User Interface – Operation is simple with limited features that only require the use of a couple of buttons. Readings are easy to view on the large, clear display.

Calibration – Manual EC calibration can be performed at 1 point. A large front panel knob allows for simple, user-friendly calibration of the HI2315 benchtop meter.

Four-ring EC Probe – The HI2315 meter is supplied with the HI76303 platinum, four-ring EC probe with a built-in temperature sensor that operates over a wide range from 0.00 μS/cm to 199.9 mS/cm with a full-scale accuracy of ±1%.

Temperature Compensation – Temperature is automatically compensated for from 0 to 50°C. The temperature correction coefficient, also referred to as β, is adjustable from 0 to 2.5 %/°C for EC measurements.

Built-in Solution Holders – The HI2315 benchtop meter features four solution holders built directly into the casing. This convenient feature saves valuable benchtop space and maintains solution bottles in an upright position, avoiding any potential spills.

EC Range 0.0 – 199.9  μS/cm; 0 – 1999 μS/cm; 0.00 – 19.99 mS/cm; 0.0 – 199.9 mS/cm
EC Resolution 0.1 μS/cm, 1 μS/cm, 0.01 mS/cm, 0.1 mS/cm
EC Accuracy ±1% FS (excluding probe error)
EC Calibration manual, one point
EC/TDS Temperature Compensation automatic, 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) with β adjustable coefficient from 0 to 2.5 %/°C
EC/TDS Probe HI76303, platinum four-ring conductivity probe with internal temperature sensor, DIN connector and 1 m (3.3’) cable (included)
Power Supply 12 VDC adapter (included)
Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F), RH max 95% non-condensing
Dimensions 235 x 222 x 109 mm (9.2 x 8.7 x 4.3”)
Weight 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs.)
Ordering Information HI2315 is supplied with HI76303 conductivity probe, 12 VDC adapter, and instruction manual.

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