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HI73311 – Replacement EC probe for HI98311 and HI98312

69.00  + PVM

An easy-to-replace graphite electrode with a sturdy, snap-in connector means there are no pins to bend or break.

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The HI73311 is a spare amperometric graphite probe for the HI98311 and HI98312 EC and TDS tester.

The graphite conductivity electrode offers greater accuracy by resisting contamination by salt deposits in the sample.

About the HI98311 Low Range & the HI98312 High Range EC, TDS and Temperature Tester

Designed for ease of use with a floating, waterproof case and offering the following features:

  • Measurement of conductivity (EC) and total dissolved solids (TDS)
  • Automatic calibration and temperature compensation
  • Replaceable electrodes
  • Easy-to-read dual screen

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